Robin Li

Robin Li

Leasing Manager


A Kwee - Tenant

It's very helpful for me as the agent really helped me get through this and the process is very fast.

G Xu, M Liang & T Ma - Tenants

We appreciate your service and all the information you provided.

M Tanaka, R Seymour & A Koay - Tenants

Robin is super helpful, friendly and made the process super easy!

E Braunstein & R Johnston - Tenants

Makes signing a lease fast & easy. Would recommend!

T Dennis & C Gomez - Tenants

The staff were friendly and always willing to help by answering questions that I had. Great staff!

N Ramakrishnan - Tenant

Very professional and quick to respond to queries.

Y Ong - Tenant

Brady Residential are good!

J Gu & Y Zheng - Tenants

I had a pleasant time co-operating with Brady Residential. Thank you!!

Z Liao, S Jia & T Wang - Tenants

Thanks to his patience!

H Liang - Tenant

Friendly, efficient and helpful.

N Boonseng, P Khunwattana & N Kam-oun - Tenants

Helpful staff and quick processing.

S Chen, L Lu, S Song & Z Chen-Tenants

Easy to connect, friendly service.

D H Dao, C T L Doan & L A Tran - Tenants

Robin is friendly

M Edwards & D Joubert - Tenants

Great and efficient staff and service. 

H Nguyen & M C Pham - Tenants

I would definitely recommend BRADY residential to friends and family. 

C D Aguilar & A G Contreras

We would recommend BRADY residential to family and friends. 

X L Ting, S S Ngeow & L L Tan - Tenants

Too long have we felt worthless in eyes of agents, until we met the services of BRADY residential. 10/10 life changing!

J Leong - Tenant

Robin is friendly. 

Y T Chng & L H Lim - Tenants

Robin is friendly and helpful. 

Y Wang - Tenant

Robin is friendly, efficient and helpful. 

S Wang - Tenant

Robin is friendly and helpful. 

S & A Khandelwal - Tenants

Robin is friendly. 

T.Onsing & P.Tientabtim-Tenants

Staff so helpful, especially Robin!