Tempel Steegstra

Tempel Steegstra

Property Manager

0418 384 130

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CLW Ning & LJ Wang - Tenants

Tempel is really helpful & friendly. She also replied back to my emails quick.

Y Liu - Tenant

They were really friendly and patient with me after dealing with some problems. They helped me a lot.

C Young - Tenant

Great experience, Tempel has been very helpful and friendly with helping me find a beautiful apartment.

J Seol & J Seol & K Kim - Tenants

Absolutely happy with our experience through BRADY and we would use BRADY again. 

N Dang - Tenant

Tempel is very efficient and professional. I am impressed! 

Bianca & Jesus - Tenants

Tempel was very efficient with all the paperwork as well as being friendly throughout the procedure.

J Zhong - Tenant

Tempel is a super nice lady, she has been very helpful and efficient. Very happy working with her.

Rayshell & Kimberly - Tenants

I had a great experience with BRADY residential & their staff. Tempel was the Property Manager in charge of the proeprty and she was extremely friendly and replied promptly to all my queries. 

M Ahmed - Tenant

Friendly staff. Willing to help. It was really hard getting hold of my work reference but Tempel was helpful in going the extra mile. 

T Kashikow - Tenant

Very helpful and friendly staff and glad to have associated with BRADY residential. 

H Thankaraj & M Munusamy - Tenants

It was really great with Tempel walking us through the property and procedures of the complete handover, so kind and helpful. 

K Bennett & S Soekarman - Tenants

Tempel has been very efficient, friendly and helpful and always responsive to all queries. 

K Kumar - Tenants

Brady staff is so friendly and helping in helping residents in a polite and decent manner. 

G Griffiths - Tenant

Helpful staff and very good selection of property. Easy to interact and find the right property. 

P Wang - Tenant

I really liked the experience of renting a property from BRADY. Thank you so much! 

S Xia & Q Feng - Tenants

BRADY's staff have been professional and helpful and easy to access. They have easy renting processes and we are satisfied with their work. 

N Kimlin & K Cornips - Tenants

Real Estate Agents have built a bad name for themselves, but Brady Residential show that there are still some hones ones out there focused on great and friendly service. Thanks guys. 

A Jaballah - Tenant

Tempel has been above amazing. So helpful and supportive and responsive which is surprisingly uncommon with agents these days. Thank you Tempel. 

J Qiu - Tenant

I think Tempel Steegstra is very friendly, efficient and helpful. She helped me complete this. I great thanks her. 

G. Villen & R Conde - Tenants

I've dealt with Brady Residential for two years and they have given me very good service.

Y Zhu, Y Bo & J Yu - Tenants

Tempel is really kind and nice, because when we have had some troubles in our contract she gave us great help. We appreciate her, who helped us rent this apartment successfully. Thanks a lot. 

Y Liu, X Jin & S Li - Tenants

A perfect experience. We are pleased to recommend Brady Residential to our friends as we love the service here. 

F Dizon & C Morelos - Tenants

We am really happy with everything. It was very easy to move and we had little stress to deal with.

S Kumar & P Mishra - Tenants

Renting a flat in the CBD is quite easy with Brady Residential. Tempel & Macy are helpful and polite in providing information. 

W Tat & Y Lee - Tenants

Very helpful and quick responses through both email's and phone calls. Couldn't ask for someone more helpful; very grateful to have lovely staff.

H Kanniappan - Tenant

I am pretty happy with the way BRADY residential helped me in getting this property. Special thank to Tempel. 

R Kuttappan & A Santhosh

Tempel is friendly, efficient and helpful. 

Y Lu & Z Huang - Tenants

Friendly staff 

E Carter & A Van Etten

The staff was friendly and very helpful with ever step of renting. 

X Wang - Tenant

Tempel is friendly, efficient and helpful. 

J L Melo Mora & J T Serrano Funeme - Tenants

Service was very helpful and friendly.