Nicky Jung

Nicky Jung

Senior Property Manager


W Zhang - Tenant

Nicky is super professional with a friendly attitude and efficient servicing behavior.


J Quiroga, J Nunez, J Castillo & R Avila - Tenants

While walking on the street, I saw the Brady Residential representatives and I never thought I would find so much information and friendly staff. I really appreciate the help given.

H Lye, J Liao & Y Huang - Tenants

The application process didn't take long and it was explained to us clearly so that it was easy to understand.

M Witedja - Tenant

All of the staff are very friendly and have taken care of me nicely. I always recieved fast and clear replies to my emails.

H Park - Tenant

The staff at Brady are very friendly and helpful, I'm so pleased with their service.

T Wipamaneeroj, N Kamchoo, T Vitoorueangrong & T Leelarungrojana - Tenants

Good service.

W Duan & Z Liu - Tenant

Nicky can help you deal with problems when your applying for a property in an efficient time.

W Zhang - Tenant

Nicky is super professional with a friendly attitude and efficient servicing behavior.

F Fan - Tenant

All of the staff are friendly and very helpful. Brady is like my other sweet home.

A Liegent & C Liegent - Tenants

Great service. Helpful and very detailed. 

A Dias - Tenant

Nicky was very helpful in responding promply to my questions. She was always able to answer all my queries. 

Y Chen & S Zhang - Tenants

Nicky was friendly. 

F Huai & S Yang - Tenants

Nicky is friendly, nice and patient  

S Chen - Tenant

Nicky was very friendly. 

T Das & A Raj - Tenants

We really appreciate the quick follow up with regards to the application process. 

Z Tang, J Zhao & X Dong - Tenants

We are thankful for all the services you have provided. Thank you so much. Everything is great. 

D Yang & YK Zhou - Tenants

Nicky was very friendly. 

S Paul & R Puttamadaiah - Tenants

We recently relocated to Melbourne and were time constraint when finding a good accomodation and the commitment of Nicky is outstanding. She is very helpful and processed our applications quickly. We really appreciate her hard work and commitment. 

J Liao & Y Chen - Tenants

Wonderful experience. The agent is very efficient and friendly. The property was in good condition when I inspected it. 

N Satrio - Tenant

The process was very clear and any concerns/ enquiries I had were dealt with appropriately and efficiently. 

B Zhu & Y Tong - Tenants

Nicky is very nice and offered a lot of help. Everything was clear and in detail. 

N Adamson - Tenant

It was great to deal with the staff at BRADY residential, they were helpful throughout the whole process!

S H Nguyen, H N Dang & A T Nguyen - Tenants

Easy, comfortable and responding well. 

Ida Bagus Palguna-Tenant

Nicky has been helpful and prompt in answering my queries regarding my moving in process. Nicky is detailed and precise.

James Bentow

Very friendly and efficient service!