BRADY residential - Testimonials Brady Residential en Copyright 2010 PortPlus PortPlus RSS generator BRADY residential - Testimonials 144 62 BRADY residential Logo Tempel Steegstra, Property Manager <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Tempel Steegstra, Property Manager </b> <br> Great experience, Tempel has been very helpful and friendly with helping me find a beautiful apartment.<br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>C Young&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Absolutely happy with our experience through BRADY and we would use BRADY again<br /><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>J Seol &amp; J Seol &amp; K Kim&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><br /> <div>Tempel is very efficient and professional. I am impressed!&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>N Dang&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Tempel was very efficient with all the paperwork as well as being friendly throughout the procedure.&nbsp;<br /><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>Blanca &amp; Jesus&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Tempel is a super nice lady, she has been very helpful and efficient. Very happy working with her.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><br /><br /> <div><strong>J Zhong</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>I had a great experience with BRADY residential &amp; their staff. Tempel was the Property Manager in charge of the proeprty and she was extremely friendly and replied promptly to all my queries.&nbsp;<br /><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>Rayshell &amp; Kimberly</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Friendly staff. Willing to help. It was really hard getting hold of my work reference but Tempel was helpful in going the extra mile.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><br /><br /> <div><strong>M Ahmed&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div> <br> </td> </tr> </table> Macy Li, Property Manager <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Macy Li, Property Manager </b> <br> <p>So far our experience with Brady has been as good as we expected. We would like it to continue this way for the rest of our lease and we hope they&nbsp;keep up the good service.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>D Lopez &amp; M Tabata&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Macy is very professional, efficient and friendly.&nbsp;</p> <strong>J Wang&nbsp;</strong> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong> <p style="text-align: left;"><strong>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p style="text-align: left;">The staff is very good and almost makes me feel welcome.&nbsp;</p> <strong>M Fu &amp; R Wang&nbsp;</strong></div> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong> <p style="text-align: left;">------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p style="text-align: left;">From initial viewing to contract signing, one of the smoothest transactions I have ever done.&nbsp;</p> <strong>A Connell &amp; D Connell&nbsp;</strong></div> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong></div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</div> <div> <div> <p style="text-align: left;">Very smooth experience, no hassle. Would recommend.&nbsp;</p> </div> <div><strong>Z Gao</strong></div> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div> <div>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</div> <div> <div> <p style="text-align: left;">The manager is really friendly. Very good experience with the BRADY staff.&nbsp;</p> </div> <div><strong>J Du&nbsp;</strong></div> <div><strong>Tenants&nbsp;</strong></div> </div> </div> </div> <br> </td> </tr> </table> Jennifer Park, Property Manager <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Jennifer Park, Property Manager </b> <br> Jennifer was very helpful in showing me the apartment. Furthermore she was very detailed and fast in processing my application form.&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>A Mawardi&nbsp;</strong><br /><br /> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Great help! Everything was done efficiently and the procedure wa very smooth.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>C Yeo</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</div><br /> <div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>All staff was friendly enough to wish us luck and were happy to assist us with any help we required.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>H Lee&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>The staff are very friedly, helpful and efficient. My application got approved in a timely manner.</div><br /> <div>Overall, a good experience with Brady Residential.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>S Chai&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>Jennifer is friendly. She speaks clearly and detailed to ensure my full understanding of the situation.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>Y Yu&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;<br /> <div>The service was very fast helpful and pleasant. Quick turnaround on apartment viewing to approval. Much nicer than in Sydney!</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>J Meadows &amp; A Vizza&nbsp;</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenants</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><br /> <div><strong>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></div><br /> <div>&nbsp;<br /> <div>What a wonderful service and kind staff.&nbsp;</div><br /> <div>&nbsp;</div><br /> <div><strong>J Nam</strong></div><br /> <div><strong>Tenant</strong></div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div> <br> </td> </tr> </table> Nicky Jung, Property Manager <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Nicky Jung, Property Manager </b> <br> <p>While walking on the street, I saw the Brady Residential representatives and I never thought I would find so much information and friendly staff. I really appreciate the help given.</p> <p><strong>J Quiroga, J Nunez, J Castillo &amp; R Avila<br />Tenants</strong></p> <p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>The application process didn't take long and it was explained to&nbsp;us clearly so that it was easy to understand.</p> <p><strong>H Lye, J Liao &amp; Y Huang</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>All of the staff are very friendly and have taken care of me nicely. I always recieved fast and clear&nbsp;replies to my emails.</p> <p><strong>M Witedja<br />Tenant</strong></p> <p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>The staff at Brady are very friendly and helpful, I'm so pleased with their service.</p> <p><strong>H Park<br />Tenant</strong></p> <p><strong>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>All of the staff are friendly and very helpful. Brady is like my other sweet home.</p> <p><strong>F Fan</strong><br /><strong>Tenant</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>Nicky was very helpful in responding promply to my questions. She was always able to answer all my queries.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>A Dias&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenant</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>Nicky is friendly, nice and patient&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>F Huai &amp; S Yang&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>We really appreciate the quick follow up with regards to the application process.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>T Das&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;A Raj&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>We are thankful for all the services you have provided. Thank you so much. Everything is great.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Z Tang, J Zhao &amp; X Dong&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>We recently relocated to Melbourne and were time constraint when finding a good accomodation and the commitment of Nicky is outstanding. She is very helpful and processed our applications quickly. We really appreciate her hard work and commitment.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>S Paul &amp; R Puttamadaiah</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>Wonderful experience. The agent is very efficient and friendly. The property was in good condition when I inspected it.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>J Liao &amp; Y Chen&nbsp;</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>The process was very clear and any concerns/ enquiries I had were dealt with appropriately and efficiently.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>N Satrio</strong><br /><strong>Tenant</strong></p> <p><strong>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <br> </td> </tr> </table> Duncan McPhee, Sales Manager <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Duncan McPhee, Sales Manager </b> <br> <p>My property has been looked after by Brady Residential for the last 10 years. The rental staff have been very supportive and they have ensured that my property was well maintained and rented with high returns.<br /><br />More recently when I was ready to sell my property, Duncan McPhee made sure that the property was well presented and that the auction had a large number of bidders. The final sale was concluded at an excellent price and the transaction was all looked after by Ducan as&nbsp;I was on holidays during the auction.<br /><br />I have high praise for the Brady team!</p> <p><strong>R Petrucci</strong><br /><strong>Vendor</strong></p> <p><strong>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>I met Duncan several years ago while I was looking for my first property in Melbourne and though he was just starting out he instantly struck me as the only estate agent with any integrity that I had met. Thankfully he has maintained his strength of character over the years and even now as a more experienced and often 'snowed under' professional, his honesty and down-to-earth character is still easily visible. Duncan is a rare guy in the industry.</p> <p><strong>Quan Y</strong><br /><strong>Purchaser</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Hi Marie,<br />Thank you, we had a great result at the auction and I was very pleased with Duncans support and service.<br />It has been a pleasure dealing with you too Marie and&nbsp; I think that we managed to achieve a lot together as a committee.<br />We have no major plans at the moment. We are currently holidaying in northern Queensland and enjoying the warm weather and are planning to return to Melbourne in late September. I hear that its very cold still at home.<br />All the best to you and your team ( especially Jennifer and Duncan). <br /><br /><strong>R Petrucci</strong> <br /><strong>Vendor</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Duncan was great to deal with when we decided to sell our property. He gave clear and exact market indications in respect to pricing and timing for the sale of our unit, and his opinion and judgement proved to be spot on when we sold the property.</p> <p>We would highly recommend Duncan to anyone looking to sell their property in the CBD of Melbourne.</p> <p><strong>N &amp; J Cross<br />Vendors</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Duncan is knowledgeable, helpful and very efficient.</p> <p><strong>S. Khor &amp; Y.Lee</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Agents delivered information in efficient manner, very friendly and helpful. It was my first time purchasing a property and I appreciate the assistance Duncan and Maggy provided.</p> <p><strong>R. McCausland</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>I found staff and particularly Duncan very efficient and prompt. He was very helpful when we had to deal with him from a distance.<br /><br /><strong>Sohale &amp; Sohresh Aflatooni<br /><br />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</strong></p> <p>Dear Marie,<br /><br />I would like to thank you for your team's great support for my properties in Melbourne,&nbsp;both Duncan McPhee and Sharuen Quek provided the excellent service to help managing my apartments for rental as well as sales.&nbsp;They are always taking care every detail for me and think standing on my shoes.&nbsp; Therefore I'm just fully trust on them.<br /><br />I'm really happy to get friends like this.</p> <p>Thank you for your team's great work and I just want to express my feelings of gratitude to you and your team.&nbsp;</p> <p>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!</p> <p><br />Cheers,<br /><strong>Annie<br />Vendor</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>"Another Wills Court resident recommended another company. I consulted my solicitor; he advised &ldquo;No Junee, you have already purchased two units, sold one unit through Brady. You were most pleased with all three transactions. Stay with Brady&rdquo;. This proved to be excellent advice. Daniel kindly introduced me to Duncan; whom I had not met previously. Duncan listened to and responded to my particular needs and instructions. He gave me an honest and accurate appraisal. I sensed I could trust this Sales Consultant. My confidence was soon rewarded. Duncan sold the apartment in 2 days for the record price and 30 days settlement. The Purchaser loves the apartment. Fantastic outcome!&rdquo;<br /><strong><br />Mrs Junee Waites<br />Vendor of 2107/25-33 Wills Street, Melbourne</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>I have had a very pleasant experience in selling my property thanks to the efforts of Duncan. I was reassured that my property was being properly exposed. I am very please with the end result.</p> <p><strong>M Gonzales<br />Vendor</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Duncan conducted all aspects of the sale with professionalism. He negotiated a higher price for the property rather than just taking the best offer.&nbsp;I would recommend Duncan to any vendor.</p> <p><br /><strong>Mr R. Brackin <br />Vendor of 2107/8 Downie Street, Melbourne</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Our property is in Melbourne however as we live in Perth we relied on our agent Duncan to handle all aspects of the sale. We were very happy with the service we received, Duncan was very professional, honest and helpful given the differences in selling a property in Perth compared to Melbourne. Duncan was very good at explaining the process and getting us the result we wanted and a prompt sale given the tight market at the moment.</p> <p><br /><strong>Mr M. &amp; Mrs S. Bland <br />Vendor's of 200/58 Jeffcott Street, Melbourne</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Very many thanks for the splendid service and great cooperation.&nbsp; I will certainly turn to you in the future for all our real estates need in Australia. For sure, I will give a good recommendation to any of my friends who need a trustworthy and reliable real estate agent.</p> <p><br /><strong>Mr K. Ong <br />Vendor of 1706/28 Wills Street, Melbourne</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>We find your reception staff friendly and helpful and we had a great experience dealing with Duncan. We are impressed with his service, knowledge and genuine desire to help.<br />He gave good advice and made our sale a very pleasant experience.</p> <p><strong>Ms L M Cerilles<br />Vendor of&nbsp;407/28 Wills Street,&nbsp;Melbourne</strong><br /><br /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <br> </td> </tr> </table> Marie Gilantzis, Managing Director <br> <table> <tr> <td> <b>Marie Gilantzis, Managing Director </b> <br> <p>Hi Marie,<br />Thank you, we had a great result at the auction and I was very pleased with Duncans support and service.<br />It has been a pleasure dealing with you too Marie and&nbsp; I think that we managed to achieve a lot together as a committee.<br />We have no major plans at the moment. We are currently holidaying in northern Queensland and enjoying the warm weather and are planning to return to Melbourne in late September. I hear that its very cold still at home.<br />All the best to you and your team ( especially Jennifer and Duncan). <br /><br /><strong>R Petrucci</strong> <br /><strong>Vendor</strong></p> <p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>A great, friendly team always happy to help with finding us the perfect property.</p> <p><strong>J&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;V Bennett</strong><br /><strong>Tenants</strong></p> <br> </td> </tr> </table>